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Gear Junkie Review Zubin Axe

“If you like to use a walking stick and just might need to spear a wooly mammoth or shoot something with a slingshot, the soon-to-market Zubin Axe has got you covered.”

– GearJunkie.com

Gizmag Review Zubin Axe

“Multifunctional survival hiking poles keep you alive in the wild.”

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dudeiwantthat review

“The Zubin [Axe] is a walking stick. That can also chop firewood. Or spear a fish. Or pop my friend Cornelius in the back of the head with a slingshotted acorn. Ping! That’ll teach him to walk faster than 2.7 mph.”


Examiner Zubin Axe Review

3 new Apocalypse tools to add to your bag.

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StupidDope Zubin Axe Review

“The brilliant and well designed device boasts a two-part hickory staff with a rubber grip, while rocking interchangeable heads. It includes everything from an axe, a saw, a slingshot, a spear, and a fishing spear, letting have a bevy of tools at your fingertips while not weighing you down in the process.”


Uncreate Zubin Axe Review

“An axe is a handy thing to have in a survival situation. So is a saw, or a slingshot, or a spear. The Zubin Axe is all of these things, plus a walking stick. Thanks to a simple bolt-on head system, it can serve as any of the aforementioned tools, and can also be outfitted with a fishing spear or compass. Made from natural Hickory wood and Stainless Steel with an ergonomic rubber grip.”


“The Zubin Survival Axe ends the search for the apocalypse tool of choice. Spear a boar? Check. Spear a fish? Check. Walking Stick? Check. Defend yourself against a clutch of Werewolves? CHECK.”


PaperBlog“These days it’s all about multi-function to achieve the most with the least. The Zubin Axe Multi-tool fits comfortable in that category. Starting off with a simple looking walking stick made crafted from rugged natural Hickory wood with an ergonomic rubber grip for comfort. But with a small bag of attachments this staff can transform into an axe, saw blade, slingshot, spear or a fishing spear in seconds. The versatility makes it a good companion for any outdoor adventure and reduces the amount of extra carryon significantly.”